What We Offer
“A few days ago I had the pleasure of visiting “The Zenerjen Foundation” in Geneva, Florida and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. This non-profit is ran by Jen Zoe Hall who is doing a phenomenal job at helping people all over the world. Allow me to tell you about my experience…” Read More

Patrons of The Zenerjen Foundation can elect to participate in programs offered to individuals, social groups and businesses. 50% of the proceeds from each experience will go to the foundation to support experiences for veterans, women from abusive relationships, and victims of human trafficking.

What you are about to experience is unique. Zenerjen offers a way to be with horses that will give you something that is not only fun and entertaining, but challenging, peaceful and introspective all at the same time. Each person who comes through the Zenerjen Experience takes away something that is individual to themselves.

Below are the programs currently offered.


The Immersion

3 ½ Days – Full Days/Nights – Max 4 people – call or email for information

This is the flagship of Zenerjen’s offerings.  You spend 3 ½ days with Jen and the horses of Zenerjen in a unique, profound and life changing experience, including hands on learning, life introspection and riding if you and your horse are ready.  You arrive on the first evening for a welcome dinner that has been arranged for you to set the stage for the next 3 days of amazing connection, growth, and inspiration through the power and the beauty of the horse. Healthy and delicious meals are custom designed for your time here and your stay in Jen’s home makes for a true Zenerjen immersion.

What you experience with your time at Zenerjen will be unique.  Each participant can take the following to their own applications, whether it be health, relationships, leadership, or spirituality, the lessons and take aways are individual to the person experiencing them.  

The Immersion Includes:

A 3 ½ day experience with horses specifically trained for this event

  • Hands on teaching of horse psychology and how it relates to humans and relationships
  • All accommodations in Jen’s home for a total immersion
  • All meals prepared in a community setting, custom to your dietary needs, organic when possible, with health and wellness in mind
  • Any necessary transfers to and from local airport
  • Video conferences that preframe and prepare you for the event
  • All necessary equipment and ancillary needs associated to the being around and handling horses
  • A safe, confidential, and serene environment to allow for relaxation and openness

Day Events

Each day experience is unique and each individual and group will take away a different message and lesson. We will introduce subjects like…
  • Rapport building
  • Establishing respect and healthy boundaries
  • Reading body language
  • Personal interaction
  • Reflection and introspection
  • Personal (and sometimes spiritual)growth
  • Understanding others
  • Leadership Skills
  • Relationships with your children, parents, co-workers, bosses, peers, intimate partners, yourself

These small group workshops are ideal for the beneficiary groups of the Foundation.  They are tailored for the specific needs and desires of each group that comes in and will be coordinated in advance with the facilitator.  

These experiences open the eyes of each individual to the successes and pitfalls of relationships and has unique takeaways from the language of the horse. Each participant will get the opportunity to not only learn about horses from a unique perspective and interaction, but gain knowledge and awareness to take their own lives and relationships as well.

½ Day Workshop –  approximately 3 ½ Hours – call or email for information

This option is great for offices, team building, local visitors, and families who want a taste of the experience, but don’t have the time to commit to a full day.  It opens your eyes to what Zenerjen is about and has unique takeaways from the language of the horse. Each individual will get the opportunity to not only learn about horses from a unique perspective, but learn something amazing to their own lives and relationships. Includes delicious and healthy lunch and Q&A with Jen after the event.

*Additional Participants welcome for an additional fee

Full Day Workshop –  approximatey 7 ½ Hours – call or email for information

This option takes things a little more in depth and allows for more hands on from the group with the horses.  More participants will have a chance to interact with one of the Zenerjen horses for a learning experience that is fun and completely unique. Includes a special lunch session with Jen.  *Includes Lunch and snacks

*Additional Participants welcome for an additional fee

Private & Custom Engagements

We would be happy to create an event for your specific individual or group. Please contact us for more information.